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Ryan Scott
5 Stars
I have been very fortunate to have been treated by Rhoda in both Reiki and Reflexology. Rhoda is very professional, knowledgable and is able to provide healing solutions that enhance greatly overall health and well-being. She has helped me with several issues that I have had and I am extremely grateful for her therapy and input. Will definitely continue to book with her!
Wednesday, April 7, 2021

CC - Edinburgh (Reproflexology™)
I 100% recommend Rhoda for treatments. I started off with getting Reiki treatments from Rhoda a few years ago, as a Reiki practitioner myself I know how important it is not only to keep giving but investing in yourself and start receiving too. Rhoda has helped and supported me through my journey and when I decided it was time to start prepping to become a mother, it was an obvious choice for me to reach out for support from Rhoda as the next part of my journey. The Reproflexology helped me prep my body for becoming pregnant. I like to take a more Eastern approach to my health so I am very proactive rather than reactive, there wasn’t “anything wrong” we hadn’t tried to get pregnant but myself and my husband felt it was important to start preparing ourselves physically, spiritually and mentally before we “actively" started trying. Didier also had a few treatments from Rhoda. The Reproflexology and Rhoda supported me through this journey from pre pregnancy to intra pregnancy and it was amazing, I believe in this method - TOTALLY. Whether your at the “thinking stages of getting pregnant” or you have been trying and experiencing difficulties I absolutely recommend this treatment, it balances your hormones, periods and also helped with morning sickness for me and relaxation for my mind. Rhoda is also a very effective listener, a natural coach and makes you feel very comfortable and safe to open up and feel not judged which is super important. I’ve moved back to Sydney now and really miss my weekly sessions with Rhoda as I’m entering my third trimester. I’m just so glad she was able to be part of my pregnancy journey and grateful for the time we had together :)
Tuesday, June 9, 2020

JM - Edinburgh (Reproflexology™)
I have been a client of Rhoda’s for several years now and she is an incredibly gifted practitioner and person. From the moment I met Rhoda I knew I was in safe hands (literally!). Her warm and positive attitude is so reassuring and you immediately feel at ease. Rhoda has treated me with both Reiki and Reproflexology and I have reaped significant benefits from both treatments which are fabulous, I am so lucky to have found her and would highly recommend her amazing talents!
Tuesday, June 9, 2020

DT - Edinburgh (Reproflexology™)
Can’t Thank Rhoda enough for my reflexology experience she’s helped me massively through my PCOS can’t recommend reflexology enough to anyone highly recommend it’s so relaxing too! I went to Rhoda for 2 years my monthly cycles finally started becoming regular after my sessions the pelvic pain wasn’t as sore I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 16, I was told I would probably not be able to have children and I became pregnant at 23 when receiving reflexology she was born 18th April 2019 and was healthy there’s hope for everyone
Tuesday, June 9, 2020

TT - East Lothian (Reproflexology™)
I contacted Rhoda after a miscarriage at a time where I felt stressed and impatient. I began going to repro-reflexology weekly and felt relaxed and calm after sessions. At a time when things felt a bit hopeless I felt like I was doing something positive for myself. Rhoda is approachable, understanding, kind and truly invested in the work she does.

Thank you Rhoda!
Tuesday, June 9, 2020