Reproductive Reflexology - integrative therapy - a specific type of reflexology focusing on male and female reproductive/ fertility health.

As a member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (ARR), Rhoda has been trained by Barbara Scott of Seren Natural Fertility to use specific, structured reflexology treatment protocols targeting natural pre - conception factors as well as to support couples through each phase of assisted conception. The dedicated research of Barbara Scott has resulted in these prescriptive treatment protocols.

The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists has published data collection. One of the Association’s main aims is to undertake clinical research in to the treatment of infertility. Details of their work and research are found at


Uses specific reflexology treatment protocols to target reproductive health for men and women.

Aims to regulate menstrual cycles, focusing on the optimum functioning of each stage of a woman's cycle.

For women: Weekly reflexology treatment protocols are applied to support and help regulate each stage of the menstrual cycle, regulating length and flow, and seeking to balance out certain anomalies within the menstrual cycle.

For men: Aims to improve factors which may be affecting sperm production and function.

Initial 12 week treatment programme of 8 weekly treatments, followed by 2 fortnightly treatments for men.

Assisted conception: Prescriptive reflexology treatment protocols supporting men and women through each phase of assisted conception including Clomid, IUI, IVF and ICSI.

In addition, it is a relaxing therapy aiding stress relief and supporting emotional well-being.


Reproductive Reflexology
Reproductive Reflexology