Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD Sally Kay Method)


Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD Sally Kay Method) employs an award-winning technique researched and developed by Sally Kay BSC (Hons). From working with Sally Kay’s RLD technique, I have experienced that clients have many reasons for coming to RLD sessions, including support for those with lymphoedema and oedema swelling, people looking to boost their general well-being, or simply to relax and receive a mentally and physically restorative holistic therapy session. 

Each session focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet and aims to cause an effect on the body’s lymphatic system. For documented research into RLD and its uses, you can visit:


RLD is a relaxing therapy applied to the feet or hands. The client is asked to lie comfortably whilst the lymphatic reflexes are stimulated.

For those with swollen limbs, measurements of the limbs are taken before and after RLD is applied, to measure any effect the reflexology has had on reducing limb volume.

For clients without specific swelling, RLD can be carried out without taking limb volume measurements. A full consultation is taken prior to RLD being administered. As with other complementary therapies, medical permission may be required before RLD can be carried out. Feel free to contact Rhoda with any queries.  


Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)
Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

Relfexology Lymph Drainage - Sally Kay Method - Approved RLD Practitioner